MyClose Mini U system



MyClose Mini U system is composed by the Mini U lock and the GSM tracker that work in combination with each other through proximity connection.
The Mini U lock is equipped with short case hardened pvc coated shackle and black sledge transport cover. The tracker unit which works as geo-localizator is equipped with 1400 mAh Lithium battery, Usb B port and preinstalled Sim card with a prepaid SMS plan valid for one year.
The system offers real-time phone communication. Alerts are sent with lock movement, lock communication lost, lock and master low battery and master switch off.
The sms alert contains a link to open google map position for geo-localization display. MyClose App for remote system control is available for free download for Android and IOS in Play store and in App Store.
If you want to use the system also for car protection you should add the accessory: MyClose Mini U steering wheel lock support.



Material :
hardened carbon steel

18 mm pvc covered 16 mm shackle

Case :
abs plastic injected armour

Lock dimensions:
116 x 172 mm

GSM tracker dimension:
25x80x48 mm

Locking system:
armoured with 3 flat keys

3 with code over more then 4000 possibilities

Water and dust:
Mini U lock and tracker both waterproof and resist to dust Mini U IP56, GSM tracker IP45

Patents and homologation:
patented and homologated in Classe SRA and TNO 4 stars

Package content:
Mini U lock, tracker, USB cable, USB plug, keys ,activation codes and battery replacement tool.

2 years