We have designed our locks in several shapes and dimensions for vertical applications such as motorbikes, bikes and cars.
MyClose solutions perfectly fit the needs of companies managing vehicle fleets such as renting and leasing companies.
In addition, our lock concept and design can fit the security needs of many other sectors!


House, buildings and stores:
– Garages
– Internal and external doors

–¬†Warehouse, storage places and deposits entrances
–¬†Plant, equipment and machinary room entrances
– Electric cabins entrances

Airports, ports, embassies, consulates, museum and banks:
– Protection of entrances reserved to authorized personnel only

Temporary, mobile and open door installations:
–¬†Kiosks and open door markets

Agricolture equipment:
–¬†Entrances of agricoltural equipment storages
– Warehouses, deposits and silos entrances

Construction equipment:
–¬†Construction equipment antitheft
–¬†Warehouses and deposit entrances

Transportation companies:
–¬†Trucks and containers back doors


To extend the application fields of our innovative lock concept we offer ad-hoc customization of lock and communication unit shape and dimension to meet the protection needs of our customers.

Services for insurances

Innovative insurance policies deploying data collected from MyClose lock usage can be studied!!! To name few, we can save info on time and place of lock opening and closure, time and place of theft, and many more.